Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Neuman Obama

Neuman Obama
What, me worry.

I'm going to kick Hillary's butt!

Just wait until March 4.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is Obama A Racist?

It is interesting to note that on the website of Barack Obama, under the menu option, "People," there are a number of racial and other groups listed. The one group not listed is European-Americans. If we look on the websites of Hillary Clinton and JohnMcCain, it is notable that neither have a special menu option for racial groups.

It would appear that Obama is actively catering to racial groups, other than European-Americans. Tie this to his hedging on the issue of renouncing support from Louis Farrakhan and we are left to wonder. If he is the Democratic nominee, it will interesting to see if his website changes and becomes more inclusive of all races and it will be more interesting to observe how he handles the Farrakan matter.

If a white candidate were endorsed by the KKK, there would understandably be a call for the candidate to renounce the endorsement in no uncertain terms. There would also be an understandable reluctance of black voters to support any white candidate who did not completely renounce the endorsement. The same should be true in this case.

I hope Obama will clear up this matter in a very clear manner. Thus far, he seems like the best candidate to me and I hope he will not let this matter be used against him and if you think it is being spoken of at present, just wait until the general election when things will really get dirty.

NOTE: Please note that the internet rumor concerning the KKK endorsing Barack Obama is just that, a rumor, and there is no truth to it.

How Do You Really Feel?

This image is from: http://www.joesbutt.com/

Apparently, you can leave messages to the Presidential Candidates on this guy's butt.

While I must agree that leaving messages to the presidential candidates on someone's butt seems appropriate, I do wish it was a better looking butt.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

McCain Slogans and Bumper Stickers

McCain Slogan

Check out the McCain Slogan on the website below. I thought it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton Should Stick To Women's Work!

I watched the Ohio Debates tonight and was left with several questions that I would have liked to seen asked of the candidates.

Hilary Clinton stated that she was part of the administration when her husband was President. As Obama correectly pointed out, she includes her role as First Lady as part of her "experience."

True, she was put in charge of health care and we all know what a mess that was. Thus, she was part of the administration in that respect, but what exactly is the role of the First Lady?

As Wikipedia points out, "First Lady of the United States is the unofficial title of the hostess of the White House. Being First Lady is not being part of the administration, nor is it relevant experience for a future President of the United States.